The many uses of cake dummies

Ever wonder how those decorated cakes in the windows of bakeshops last for months and even years? It’s because those are cake dummies. These are polystyrene forms that take the place of real cakes.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can come in square, circle, dome, and rectangular shapes. You can find these in large sizes that are ideal for wedding cake samples and even in small cupcake sizes.

Cake dummies are not only used for display purposes. Bakers use these for a few other things. Here are some of the other uses of these polystyrene forms:

  • To practice the art of cake decorating

Decorating cakes is an art form that requires a lot of practice. To create perfect cakes for your bakeshop, you can practice on these dummies instead of using real cake. You can cover these with icing and fondant like you would any regular cake. You can also practice piping and flower placements on these dummies.

  • To test cake decoration ideas

Aside from practising, you can also use these dummies to see if your cake design ideas are any good. There is a huge difference in how a cake can look on paper and in real life. Having these dummies to practice on will show you if you need to revise your design. You can also check to see if it looks as good as you envisioned it.

  • For cake decorating competitions

The cakes that you see in decorating contests are not real cakes. These use dummies. The use of polystyrene forms for these competitions is normal. This is to make the designs last longer. This is also to reduce any wastage.

  • To reduce cake costs

At weddings, you will see towering cakes that reach up to 9 to 10 layers. Most of the time, half of these are dummies. To make wedding cakes look impressive without the added cost of all that cake, polystyrene dummies are an option. These reduce not only the cost but also the time needed for baking all those cakes.

Where to get polystyrene dummies

If you are planning on creating a new display for your bakeshop or need to practice your cake decorating skills, you will need a few of these dummies. Polystyrene cake dummies Ipswich bakeshops purchase can come from local cake supply stores. These can also come from online sellers.

The same goes for polystyrene cake dummies Brisbane bakers use these days. Check local bakery supply outlets or online stores like Koolfoam to find the dummy you need. You can find a wide variety of cake dummies from this supplier. Aside from the usual round and square shapes, you can also find these in oval, heart, and octagonal shapes.

The polystyrene shapes Brisbane bakers use are available from Koolfoam and they include bespoke options. All you have to do is contact the company with your requirements. Once you place your order, your customized polystyrene dummies will be at your doorstep in one to two days. Visit to place your order or to inquire about their custom options.

Post Author: Evan Harris